Revealed: ”The Miraculous Stem Cell Therapy”

Users of UGCare all over the nation have been getting across to me with their testimonies. Many have gone ahead to describe it as ‘a game changer’, with some hailing it as ‘the miraculous stem cell therapy’. Why are people so passionate about this flagship product from the stables of UGreat International? Here are the […]

10 Outstanding Facts About UGreat & UGCare

1. UGreat International is a product based network marketing company of Malaysian origin. 2. UGreat’s products are manufactured under the strictest and most hygienic conditions in Japan. 3. UGCare is 3000mg per sachet, stronger than any known stem cell in the market today and very effective. It contains ten (10) super ingredients. 4. UGCare when […]

Definition of Some Network Marketing Terms (Pt 2)

17. Opportunity Meeting: A recruiting rally or business briefing held by Multi-Level Marketing distributors for the purpose of presenting the opportunity to prospects. 18. Payout: The percentage of a company’s total revenue that it pays out to distributors in the form of commissions and bonuses. 19. Prospect: A potential customer or recruit. 20. Prospecting: The […]

Definitions Of Some Network Marketing Terms (Pt 1)

Like every other profession, network marketing (multi-level marketing) is rife with numerous terminologies  that are frequently used by members to describe the functionality of the entire process. I would try as much as possible to define some of these general terms in few words. This is primarily to enable new entrants into this field have […]

13 Network Marketing Quotes To Spur You To Success

1. A poor broke person will complain that MLM does not work while a successful leader will ask himself ‘How can it work?’ 2. There is NEVER a bad prospect; just the WRONG TIME for the RIGHT PROSPECT. So always follow-up, follow-up & follow-up! 3. Be careful who you listen to. He who takes advice […]

How To Organize Successful Multi-Level Marketing Seminars

Are you planning to have a special seminar where you want to showcase UGreat and UGCare to your prospects? Do you still have challenges concerning how to host a successful seminar? No need to worry because group facilitation is a skill that can be learnt. Let’s show you how. 1.Ensure the issue for which you […]

Revealed: How To Grow Your MLM Business & Recruitment Efforts

Having spent more than a decade and half in multi-level marketing (MLM), one major challenge I have easily noticed with new entrants into the field is how to grow their MLM business and recruitment efforts. Quite a number of new entrants have often towed the path of least resistance by walking away from their MLM […]

UGCare Cures,Treats & Prevents These 51 Ailments

This isn’t an empty unsubstantiated boast, neither is it a case of making a mountain out of a molehill. This post is a statement of fact aimed at revealing the over fifty-one (51) ailments UGCare can treat, cure and prevent. You’ll recall that we earlier told you that as humans due to several factors, our […]

Wow!See The Turnout At UGreat Mega Seminar

We recently held a mega seminar in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. As expected with our mega seminars, the hall was packed full with participants who came to listen and key into the wonders of  UGreat  and its bestselling product, UGCare. However as a responsible corporate entity, we had to ensure social distancing was […]

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