What Is Multi-Level Marketing All About?

Over the years,I’ve met tons of people that have continually asked this million dollar question.Many are asking because they are privy to the unpalatable experiences their acquaintances,friends,colleagues and family members have encountered as a result of their partaking in one network or the other especially in Nigeria and Africa.

Multi-Level Marketing also known as networking marketing or referral maketing,is a form of direct sales home business in which independent representatives sell goods and services from a company to an end consumer.

The multi-level aspect refers to each representative’s ability to recruit and train other representatives and earn a commisssion on their rep’s sales.Income earned in MLM comes from the commission earned on personal sales,as well as a percentage of the sales earned by other reps recruited by you.


MLM’s origin can be traced to the 1920’s and 1930’s beginning with two companies ( Nutrilife & Avon Products) based in California,USA.Since then,this unique business has spread like a wildfire globally and has made multi-millionaires of hitherto struggling individuals.


All over the world,multi-level marketing is legal.Unfortunately,many errorneously believe that MLM is the same as ponzi scheme.These two are miles apart in scope,function and perspective and should not be seen as one and the same.These three things make MLM legal:

1.Offering a quality product or service.

2.Income is earned off sales of products or services.

3.The focus is on sales,not recruitment alone.

Interestingly,here are some popular global icons who endorse MLM :

1.Bill Gates

2.Bill Clinton

3.Brian Tracy

4.Robert Kiyosaki

5.Donald Trump

6.Warren Buffet

7.Stephen Covey

8.George Soros

9.Richard Branson

10.Christiano Ronaldo

So from the aforementioned,its obvious that even reputable world renowned personalities can be involved in MLM.So the argument about its legality and authenticity is simply dead on arrival!

MLM is a good and viable business if it is done the right way and with the right company e.g. UGREAT INTERNATIONAL.

In subsequent updates we’ll be looking at other key indices of MLM,how to be an outstanding network marketer and why you should choose UGREAT INTERNATIONAL.

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Till then…Keep winning!

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