Ugreat: The Most Profitable Network Marketing Company

Ugreat is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company of Malaysian origin. It came into existence sometime in December 2019,but the official launch was not until 29th February 2020 at the renowned Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ugreat’s Founder/CEO is Taufik Samsuddin,a Malaysian by birth and a foremost network marketing practitioner and entrepreneur who is passionate about positively changing lives.

Asides its headquarters in Malaysia,Ugreat presently has offices in fourteen (14) countries spread across Asia,Africa (including Nigeria),the Americas and Europe.

Interestingly, Ugreat emerged at a crucial time when the deadly corona virus (ncovid-19) was discovered and was equally unleashing untold havoc to public health and world economies.

As its often said, to know where you’re going, its important to know where you’re coming from. So let’s beam our lens on Ugreat’s Vision, Mission, Slogan and Core Values respectively.


*Building a global economic platform with innovation and high quality products.

*Wishes and emotions of our customers are the guiding principles behind our every action.


*Ugreat Family creates positive impact in the world by helping people to achieve healthy lifestyles,while empowering each other in discovering the greatness within them.


*Discovering the greatness within you.


*Unity: Joining spirit in team work to achieve the vision and mission.

*Innovation:Creating new innovations that improves global level performances.

*Adding Value: Adding significant value to the market and to every member of the Ugreat family as well as creating a more meaningful life.

Like I rightly mentioned earlier, Ugreat came at an uncommon time when global public health was threatened by ncovid-19.This ravaging pandemic has infected and claimed millions of lives globally and has wreaked untold havoc on the earning capabilities of individuals, organizations and nations.

Having discerned the perilous times rocking the world, Ugreat deemed it necessary to introduce its award-winning, testimony-grossing, wealth-activating and bestselling health supplement known as UG Care to the world!

What does UGCare do? Is it a drug or supplement? What ailments does it cure? Is it available in Nigeria? How much does it cost? Are there verifiable testimonies? Answers to these questions and more will be provided in our next post.

Till we meet again, keep winning and aiming for the top!

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