Five (5) Secrets To Success In Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in multi-level marketing while some others struggle and fall by the way side? Are you a new entrant in the field of network marketing and you desperately want to succeed? Dear friend, the answer to these questions lies in the five (5) secrets I’ll outline below.

1.Learn to differentiate a legitimate network marketing company from a bogus pyramid scheme.

What this simply means is that many people do not succeed in MLM because they fail to distinguish between a legit network marketing company e.g. UCARE and a pyramid scheme.Here is how to distinguish the two.

*Network marketing (also known as MLM or Direct Sales) is designed to move products and services directly from the parent company to the end user. However with a pyramid scheme, no product or service is moved; simply because it offers no tangible product. Pyramid schemes usually hoodwink people with huge earnings and cash payouts which eventually cannot be sustained in the long run.

2.Endeavour to join a company with solid track record,tangible evidence and physical/verifiable offices e.g. UCARE

*It is risky joining a company without any tangible product because tangible consumable products lead to reorders which translates into residual income.Also ensure such companies have an identifiable office where you can walk in and make enquiries from real people.

3.Get an experienced mentor

*Set out to find an experienced mentor who is vast in network marketing.He/she should be a person with an attainable vision and goal.Daily understudy and learn from such a person.

4.Embrace knowledge & personal development

I remember seeing a billboard with these inscriptions: ‘knowledge is not power, rather it is the right application of knowledge that translates into power.’ How true! You cannot experience success in multi-level marketing without any form of personal development. So how then do you achieve this?

*Daily commit to reading and purchasing relevant literature as it concerns the subject matter.Attend network marketing seminars,listen to audio CD’s and do all you possibly can to better your business.To attract the right people and make it big in network marketing,commit to learning,re-learning and self-development.

5.Reorder your expectations and work

Yes…you read right…Work and work smart! Too many new entrants into the field of multi-level marketing have unrealistic expectations. Sadly many see it as a get-rich quick scheme especially in Nigeria. Truth be told ,MLM needs persistence and hard work. It also requires a change of mindset from negative to positive. To stay afloat in the MLM ocean, you need the ‘I can do it ‘mentality .MLM is a journey that overtime teaches you how to be a leader and instills in you the right mindset that takes you from employee to entrepreneur.

Finally,cease being undecided.Take that step by registering with UGreat and you’ll experience that financial freedom and healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamt off.

Till We meet again, do well to share this epistle with others and endeavor to drop your thoughts in the comment box. We’ll love to hear from you and how you’re faring in your MLM voyage.

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