Eleven (11) Things I Love About UGreat

Like you rightly know, I love multi-level marketing to bits. MLM is one profession and subject I’m most passionate about. Asides my rich pedigree in MLM, I can say without a shadow of doubt that my MLM journey has been most exhilarating yet rewarding.

Multi-level marketing or network marketing as it is fondly called, is a business that gives you two (2) types of freedom; first is freedom to be your own boss and second is financial freedom. An MLM company like UGreat enables you to work hard and attain the dream life you’ve always desired.

Today we’ll be looking at the eleven (11) things I love about UGreat. Kindly note that these eleven (11) things aren’t in any particular order.

1. Compensation Plan: UGreat has a peculiar, achievable and highly rewarding compensation plan. By compensation plan, I mean the avenue by which a registered member of an MLM can be rewarded for his or her sales and referral efforts. UGreat’s compensation plan is endearing by all standards and positions you to earn and obtain great rewards every step of the way. There are four (4) main packages:

*Basic Package (N22,950: 1 Product)            *Chrome Package (N40,050: 2 products)

*Platinum Package (N160,200 :8 Products) *Titanium Package(N400,000:20 Products)

*6 Types of Bonuses: Introducer, Upgrade, Development, Matching, Placement & Repurchase Unilevel .

*2 Types of Rewards: Lifestyle & Leadership.

Having extensively engaged in several MLM’s in the past, I can safely say that UGreat’s compensation plan truly compensates the hard work registered members put in via juicy commissions.

2. UGCare: This best-selling product cures several ailments and ensures the overall optimal health of your body and skin. UGCare is focused on cell rejuvenation (stem cell) and it is nature’s perfect answer to health challenges like chronic pile, repairs damaged skin, prevents cancer and tumors and also protects your liver. This list is endless and of course, there are verifiable testimonies. UGCare ensures you’re healthy enough to enjoy the wealth UGreat offers you.

3. In the midst of a global economic crisis coupled with the devastating effects of Covid-19, the evil trio of hunger, poverty and unemployment have quadrupled in the land. UGreat is the answer to your financial woes. Why remain stuck at the bottom when there’s enough room at the top? Sign up today and begin your financial empowerment journey.

4. UGreat is present in several continents of the world .UGreat is a millennium business platform powered by a proactive information technology system meaning you have seamless access to your account 24/7.

5. We’re an international MLM company that is young, value-driven, and innovative and can connect to the core health needs and financial yearnings of people world-over. UGreat’s management team comprises of tested and trusted world-class professionals.

6. UGreat is not just a business, it is a family with a singular mission to create successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. In this family, are individuals from diverse nations, creed, professions and affiliations. At UGreat, you meet to network, learn and re-learn for continuous success and growth.

7. UGreat has tangible products and services. It is neither a pyramid nor investment scheme. It is a fully registered and recognized multi-level marketing company of Malaysian origin.

8. Individuals desirous of joining this great network can attend any of our weekly seminars where the subject of MLM is demystified and you receive accurate answers to all your questions. Our experienced instructors are ever-willing to offer knowledge and help. Do well to attend and you’ll be glad you did!

9. Are you employed or in business? It’s no hindrance whatsoever. Come onboard and add to your streams of income.

10. UGreat possesses an outstanding customer care support system covering multiple channels such as walk-in visits, email, mobile, website and social media. Simply choose the one that best suits you.

11. UGreat is here for the long haul. Our commitment to global best practices, integrity, inclusion, corporate governance and prompt service delivery is not in doubt.

Need I say more?

Dear friend, there is no better time to join this network than NOW! Join the network of overtly creative, committed, hardworking and committed people who have decided to stop blaming the economy or government for their financial woes. Remember your destiny lies in your hands!!

We’re UGreat …Join Us and discover the greatness within you!

P.S: If you’ve got questions or simply need more details, reach us via our contacts on the homepage of this site.

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