Do These Five (5) Things & Success Will Be Yours

The year 2020 has been an overwhelming and unforgettable year which many pray never to encounter again. The Coronavirus emerged and unleashed untold havoc on world economies which led to the longest and scariest global lockdown the world has ever seen. The debilitating effects of covid-19 is still with us, but does it mean life shouldn’t return to normal? An emphatic no! Life must continue and must be dictated by our terms and not by an unseen virus.

The year is almost rounding up and most goals/targets set by millions of people at the beginning of the year are yet to be met. I overhead someone lamenting aloud the other day about covid-19. According to him ‘This corona virus just came from no where and terribly fast forwarded the whole of 2020 for us.’’ While this assertion might be true, there’s still a bright light at the end of the tunnel for those who are willing to dream new dreams all over again, work smart and do the unconventional.

Let’s look at five (5) sure success tips that would ensure you finish 2020 on a high and step into 2021 brimming with greater success.

1. JOIN UGREAT: This is a multi-level marketing network with a difference. This network guarantees a healthy lifestyle and financial freedom just the way you like it. With UGreat you can earn daily mouth-watering commissions from your referral and sales efforts. Even in the midst of the pandemic and spiking recession, UGreat continues to create entrepreneurs and millionaires. Join the winning team and begin to live the life you’ve always fancied.

2. BURY PROCASTINATION: The very word we dislike, yet inadvertently embrace. Procastination is not only the thief of time, it robs you of several opportunities that could have been triggered by the earlier action you failed to take. Avoid procrastination like covid-19.Make up your mind to do that vital task or take that all-important action that you have consistently postponed. Do this and you’ll begin to see desired results.

3. EMBRACE DILIGENCE: On a scale of 1-10 how diligent are you in your business or career? How determined are you to daily get better at what you do for a living? Once again, what’s your diligence level percentage wise? Dear friend, bear in mind that to succeed in any given endeavor, diligence must be your treasured companion. Even the Holy Bible acknowledges that a diligent man will stand before kings! Diligence is a game-changer and a path creator. Embrace diligence, flavor it with passion and watch your aspirations soar like a Boeing 737.

4. LEARN A SKILL: The world is presently experiencing an acute skills gap. Gone are the good old days when a university degree was a guaranteed meal ticket to the good life. Wake up and smell the coffee because that era has since gone with the wind. Conventional workforce and business ethics have long given way to dynamism and a noticeable paradigm shift. This shift has further necessitated a surge for peculiar hard and soft skills which hitherto had in the past gone unnoticed and were not in demand. As it is, accountants are now computer programmers, builders have transitioned to software developers; lawyers have become bakers or events managers while bankers are now fashion designers. The list is endless. A  9-5 job no longer fully pays the bills. More so, some 9-5 jobs are gradually phasing out with the passage of time no thanks to groundbreaking scientific discoveries. My candid advice is to go learn a skill you love, be good at it and only then will your milk flow endlessly!

5. STAY POSITIVE: This is an almost impossible task when you’re daily faced with clear and present dangers such as corona virus, job losses, unemployment, poverty, economic recession, high inflation, depreciating earning power, perennial communal conflicts and a widening gap between the rich and poor. The inability to stay positive and look at the bright side can lead to depression and mental health challenges. So simply hold your head up high and daily wake up with the mindset that things will only get better! You can never underestimate the power of positive thinking…it sure works wonders!

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