How To Organize Successful Multi-Level Marketing Seminars

Are you planning to have a special seminar where you want to showcase UGreat and UGCare to your prospects? Do you still have challenges concerning how to host a successful seminar? No need to worry because group facilitation is a skill that can be learnt. Let’s show you how.

1.Ensure the issue for which you are gathering them is weighty and beneficial enough to warrant their time. For example when gathering your prospects for UGreat seminar, it’s important you let them know that by registering, they stand to gain in two major ways: health-wise and financial empowerment.

2.Always chose a good and conducive location which must also be accessible. Ensure the room or hall to be used is airy, has good cross-ventilation, functional fans or air conditioners and the location must be safe. Also consider social distancing in line with NCDC’s Covid-19 protocols.

3.Employ the use of various publicity tools to reach out to your prospects such as handbills, flyers, emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, social media and blog posts etc. Your message must be clear and trigger a call- to- action.

4.Prepare an agenda that is compelling and captivating…One they can’t resist. The agenda must have a high likelihood of leading to success.

5.Collect relevant data and materials that are valuable and inspiring so that the meeting will be productive.

6. Clearly let invitees know what’s in it for them, that is; what they stand to gain.

7.Invite experienced subject matter experts/facilitators to talk about relevant subjects you might not be proficient in. They could handle particular sessions while you handle others. At UGreat we have a high number of instructors /experts who can be reached to draw from their wealth of knowledge.

8.Endeavor to collect invitees contact details (name, email, telephone number etc) via attendance sheet for robust follow-up. Ensure all invitees fill the attendance sheet before their departure.

9.Make a memorable meeting for your invitees by providing audio-visual aids, refreshments, support, etc.

10.Lastly, conquer your fears and give it a try! Remember there’s always a first time and the first time is part of the learning process.

Here’s wishing you a hugely successful UGreat Seminar. Do well to tell us how it went.

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