Revealed: How To Grow Your MLM Business & Recruitment Efforts

Having spent more than a decade and half in multi-level marketing (MLM), one major challenge I have easily noticed with new entrants into the field is how to grow their MLM business and recruitment efforts. Quite a number of new entrants have often towed the path of least resistance by walking away from their MLM business simply because they do not know the right steps to growing their MLM business and recruiting more downlines.

I will be running a series relating to this issue on this platform, so do well to follow, read and share with others.

As it is,you can grow your MLM business and gain more downlines by diligently doing the following:

1.Everyday make an effort to share your product & business plan

For example, if you newly registered as a UGreat member, it is important that you have a business plan. This plan enables you to stay focused and achieve your goals within a stipulated timeframe. The next step is to daily make efforts to share your product & business plan with your prospects. As you do this, there is a high tendency for more prospects to key in and sign up under you. The second step is to daily review your business plan and do away with areas that no longer bring the desired leads. The third step is to create a marketing strategy which addresses these questions: Who do I reach out to? Who is my target audience? Where can I meet them?

2.Identify your target market

Is your target market the high class, middle class or lower class? Is it entrepreneurs or civil servants? Or is it gender based? i.e. male or female? It’s important you critically identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them 100%. A person that is uninterested about your line of business is not the right person to pester. Do this and you will be assured of greater success.

3.Don’t pester your family and friends.

This does not imply that you avoid reaching out to them, you’ll definitely need to because they are your closest group in your sphere of influence. However, go beyond the familiar by creating a list of at least fifty (50) people you know and work at reaching out to them .Be reminded that those friends and family members who didn’t budge initially will eventually come around at the appropriate time especially when they see results trickling in.The rule of thumb here is to focus on the people who want what you have to offer.

4.Be ethical and genuine

Most peoples’ grouse with network marketing is that too many network marketers they have come in contact with usually lie and use unnecessary hype to sell their products and attract recruits. Please be honest in your daily dealings with your downlines and prospects. As a matter of fact, if you are passionate about your product, your enthusiasm is enough to promote it at no extra cost or effort. Avoid making exaggerated or false claims. Always be truthful.

5.Find a company with a product you love (e.g. UGreat & UGCare)

Too many people are easily carried away by the huge pay check from MLM that they tend to overlook what a company desires you to promote or market. You can’t promote something if you don’t genuinely love it. No matter how you try, people will see through you. If you love something, you will passionately promote it and people will be moved to sign up all because of your infectious passion. Do your research well and partner with a company like UGreat that gets you easily excited with its line of health products. Go a step further by patiently understudying the company’s compensation plan before you join. Doing this will position as someone who is 100% passionate about the company and product.

6.Stay safe by arming yourself with MLM knowledge

These days there are too many pyramid schemes and MLM scams. To avoid becoming their latest victim, carry out proper research about the industry and determine if you are a good match with your sponsor. Remember that for any great feat to happen, knowledge and action is required.

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