9 Growth Strategies For Your MLM Team

Are you a team lead who is constantly struggling on how to build your MLM team? Have you applied several strategies without luck? Then it’s time to apply these time-tested techniques which overtime has worked for me. 1.MOTIVATION Your main job as a team lead or upline is to motivate and train your team. Think […]

My Team Building Secrets

For several years, I have sadly noticed a worrisome trend in network marketing (most especially among network marketing professionals) which is the inability to build effective and productive teams with sustainable power. Failure to build capacity in this regard is the sole reason why many teams begin quite well from the onset then suddenly start […]

Leadership 101

According to John Maxwell, ‘’everything rises and falls on leadership’’. This bestselling author and mentor of mine once said ‘’show me a leader and I’ll predict the outcome of his followers’’. The importance of authentic and effective leadership in every multi-level marketing (MLM) company, team, organization or sector cannot be overemphasized. The membership structure of […]

UGreat: 15 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is UGreat International? It is a product based multi-level marketing (MLM) company of Malaysian origin founded by Mr Taufik Shamsuddin, an innovative entrepreneur in 2019. 2. What is UGCare? UGCare is the award-winning plant based stem cell therapy from the stables of UGreat International. UGCare cures and treats over 50 ailments and health […]

Digital Marketing : All You Need To Know

Business marketing and promotion of services has evolved and taken a turn for the better especially with the evolution and entrance of digital marketing. Digital marketing in very simplistic terms is the usage of social media, mobile devices, email, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO); internet and other channels to reach targeted consumers. Compared to […]

Dokudami Leaf : The Potent Healing Agent

Dokudami (Houttuynia cordata) is a major constituent of UGCare and a perennial herb peculiar to Japan, Southern China and Korea. It has a lengthy history as a healing agent. It grows mostly in dark, moist areas usually submerged deep in freshwater regions. The leaves are heart-shaped in appearance and used as a garnish for soups, […]

8 Super-Health Benefits of Artichoke Leaf

Artichoke Leaf is one of the major ingredients of UGCare, the award winning product from the stables of UGreat International. According to healthline.com, though often considered a vegetable, Artchokes (a.k.a. Cynara cardunculus var.scolymus) are a type of thistle and are plants from the family of daisies, sunflowers and marigolds. This medicinal plant contains high concentrations […]

7 Things You Gain At Ugreat Weekly Seminars

We keep hearing over and over again that knowledge is power. But what many fail to realize is that it goes beyond solely acquiring knowledge. The real power emerges when you rightly and squarely apply the knowledge earlier acquired. Are you tired of living from paycheck to pay check? Do you want to be free […]

Better Entrepreneur Series 1 Book Review: How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life (By Michael LeBeouf PhD)

The average entrepreneur’s journey is often laced with trepidation, uncertainties, mixed fortunes and loads of lessons. You’ll agree with me that a day in the life of an entrepreneur especially in a developing country like Nigeria is no mean feat. It is thus imperative that for every budding entrepreneur or network marketer to thrive in […]

How Good Is Your Networking Skills?

To succeed in network marketing, your networking skills should be top notch. This is vital because majority of sales in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) centers around making connections and leveraging on such connections to expand your network. Remember it’s often said that your network determines your net worth. So how does one improve on his/her networking […]

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