UGCare Has No Equal In The Market –Pst Tunde’Fagboye

I was recently interviewed by ConIdea Media.Here are excerpts from the explosive and no-holds barred interview. Really hope you learn a thing or two from our conversation.

Q: Kindly introduce yourself?

A: My name is Pastor Tunde Fagboye. I am an accountant by profession, a network marketer, entrepreneur, coach and business development manager. I oversee UGreat International operations in Nigeria and Africa.

Q: What ignited your interest in network marketing?

A: That’s a great question. I understand the law of sowing and reaping, same way I understand the efficacy of coming together for a common objective. Throughout my life I have been looking for the opportunity to be a blessing to my community because I know that it’s only when I’m an asset to my community that I will be valuable. I know the avenue to help people will equally give me the opportunity to meet my needs. I am constrained when you talk about finances because I don’t have enough money to bless the number of people that I may want to bless, but in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform, I find it easy and my objective of reaching out to people is achieved. This is the principal thing that motivated me to join network marketing.

Q: Kindly describe your network marketing journey?

A: It has been a combination of rough and smooth. The terrain has been cumbersome but God has been helping me because He is my hope. So whatever  I meet down the line in between where I am starting from and where I am going is nothing to me. Because He can see far beyond and above me.

Q: You earlier said you’re UGreat’s representative in Nigeria and Africa. Tell us what UGreat entails, how it works and the benefits.

A: UGreat is a product based MLM business which originated in Malaysia. The product is formulated in Japan and because of the uniqueness of the product, it is a nutritional based product. It was the singular objective of the founder, Mr Shamsudeen Taufeek, a young and vibrant leader; coach and entrepreneur of repute to capture the global market of this industry within the first three to five years of Ugreat’s existence. He knew the only way to achieve that would be via a unique product and that’s the more reason he had to go to Japan to produce UGCare.

UGreat is the company that is bringing UGCare as a product to the market. It is an awesome product. It has two major ingredients that no other company has brought to the market in the history of product network marketing. These two (2) ingredients are Dokudami Leaf and Artichoke Leaf. Basically when you talk about stem cell you don’t include leaf, it’s the combination of all these things that took the company to Japan for formulation. The product has proven itself since entering into the market. People are giving their testimonies. You need to use it to know its potency. We believe that our target is achievable. This is the platform we are building our trust on to achieve our objective of conquering the global market as far as this industry is concerned.

UGreat’s Compensation Plan is highly attractive and very robust. You only need to see it to understand what I mean.

Q: What’s that outstanding and rare trait that differentiates UGreat from other MLM’s especially in Nigeria?

A: The product is efficacious, unique and effective. It has no equal in the market. Secondly, the compensation plan is attractive, tempting and robust. These are the two major things you need to look at when you want to enter into product based network marketing. The efficacy of the product and attractiveness of the compensation plan. Also the price of the packages and sustainability of the company. Combine these four together and you have an outstanding company called UGreat.


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