UGCare Has No Equal In The Market (Pt 2) —Pst Tunde Fagboye

Q: What’s your advice to those who are still unable to make up their minds about joining UGreat?

A: There is nothing I will say now that will work for somebody that has a negative mindset. The major thing I can say is that everyone should know that life itself is a risk. Yes! Almost all of us have burnt our fingers in one way or the other in the past. We still know today that the industry is promising and vibrant. Then the question is- how do I maximize the potentials? Then you need to look for the right business to do. It is important that we have it at the back of our minds that we need to take risks. You cannot allow fear to direct you in any action that you want to take. Fear is tormenting. Fear of losing N1,000 and you lose sight of gaining N1m.If you lose N1,000 you will not die. What if you don’t lose N1,000 but you are losing N1m because you don’t want to lose N1,000.That is what we should gauge. Let us place it side by side. Yes I may lose N1,000 but I will not die. How many months will that money sustain me If I don’t lose it? But if I’m thinking of losing N1,000 and I don’t take steps, what if eventually it’s not N1,000 I eventually lose, but N1m? What will now be my story?

So I am advising whoever cares to listen that even though you might have burnt your fingers with other MLM’s or experienced failure in other MLM’s ,see it as part of the learning process, because it is not entirely a failure. It is teaching you something and it is taking you a bit closer to your objective and achievement. So Ugreat is a place to be and UGCare is a product that will launch us out. We have it in our hands and we can do it together.

Q: As a business coach and network marketer, what’s your advice to the Federal Government on the way out of poverty and unemployment especially in the backdrop of recent happenings in Nigeria and the world?

A: There are no two ways to it. As the adage says, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The creation of jobs is the solution to the problem on ground. But the question is how are we creating the jobs? Are we finding it easy to create the job for the teeming populace that are jobless? Is government going to do it all alone? The answer is capital no! Life is dynamic and evolving. We need to move with it. What is on ground today that is giving money is distribution industry. All of us have to be encouraged towards that direction and that is where the online marketing business comes in. That is what you call MLM business. It’s called multi-level marketing business because you leverage on the efforts of others when you’re marketing the product that is not produced by you. You make money from it and you engage yourself fully with it. You have your own time to yourself. You’re at liberty…You are not under the control of anybody when it comes to the management of your time and you earn as you work. Here, your input determines your output. You have freedom time-wise. Government should be able to encourage us so that our eyes will be open to see this immense opportunity. It will create a lot of jobs for us because it is a kind of industry that doesn’t require much from us. It only requires our interest to come in. When it comes to UGreat, we have four major sources that give people money on the platform. Should I list them?

Q: Please kindly go ahead.

A: These four sources are home-based business, beauty, wellness & health and e-commerce. In all other networks, you either get one or at best two. But in UGreat, you have four. When you look at these four, today you cannot find money elsewhere except on these four platforms and UGreat is combining these four sources. So it is a huge opportunity waiting for us to harness.

Q: You own a website .Your website portrays you as an authority in the fields of network marketing, business development and coaching. What’s your underlying reason for creating a website?

A: It’s simply an instrument to connect myself to people, branding and marketing myself and at the same time connecting people so that people can know what I have at hand in Ugreat International. This is the major motivation behind my website. It is basically to market and showcase UGreat.

Q: Many thanks for your time sir. Here’s wishing you and UGreat International all the very best ahead.

A: Thanks for having me.

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