How Good Is Your Networking Skills?

To succeed in network marketing, your networking skills should be top notch. This is vital because majority of sales in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) centers around making connections and leveraging on such connections to expand your network. Remember it’s often said that your network determines your net worth. So how does one improve on his/her networking skills? Here are eight ways you can step it up.

1. Take a closer look at the network and resources that you already have in place and create new opportunities from pre-existing ones. This simply means you should look closely at your contact list and see if there are individuals you are yet to speak to or meet with regarding the product you have at hand.

2. You can network anywhere and with anyone. How? By joining groups, clubs or societies where you can make contributions and where your impact can be felt. Talk to people in your place of worship, office, market, gym, spa, hospital, shopping mall, estate and even while commuting in buses, taxis, trains or when stuck in traffic. Everywhere you find yourself is an opportunity to network and create new connections.

3. Communicating your message is a means of gaining credibility but please bear in mind that it is best accomplished through substance not style. What I simply mean is that you should daily improve on your communication skills, so that it comes forth as genuine and believable to your prospects.

4. While attending an event, be proactive and start conversations with others. Its not every time you wait for other to make the move, you too can.

5. Keep the conversation fresh and interesting. No one likes a boring or stale conversation.

6. Follow up is critical to your networking effort. Follow-up turns a casual contact made at a meeting, party or ceremony into a potential long-term business relationship. Never toy with it.

7. Networking is all about building relationships that are honest, sincere and of immense value to both parties. Always keep this in mind by aspiring to be an honest and valuable personality.

8. The best part about building relationships is that whatever you put in comes back to you a hundred fold. So always put in your very best because more beneficial relationships translates to greater opportunities for your business.

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