Better Entrepreneur Series 1 Book Review: How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life (By Michael LeBeouf PhD)

The average entrepreneur’s journey is often laced with trepidation, uncertainties, mixed fortunes and loads of lessons. You’ll agree with me that a day in the life of an entrepreneur especially in a developing country like Nigeria is no mean feat.

It is thus imperative that for every budding entrepreneur or network marketer to thrive in the midst of seemingly unending challenges, such a person must be loaded with requisite knowledge on business growth and customer retention.

It is in light of the foregoing, that I will be rolling out a series titled Better Entrepreneur Series where I will be reviewing relevant world-class resources (most especially books) that entrepreneurs can acquire knowledge to better enhance their business and service delivery. For each review, I will provide a concise plot summary, evaluation and recommendation for the audience.

This week I’ll be reviewing the New York Times Bestselling book ‘’How To Keep Customers & Win Them For Life”. Published by Penguin Books, this book is written by Michael LeBoeuf PhD, the author of ‘’Working Smart’’ and ‘’The Perfect Business”. He is an internationally published author, speaker, foremost business consultant and professor emeritus of management at the University of New Orleans, USA.

This book perfectly answers the following questions that every entrepreneur ponders upon:

*Why do some people buy once and never return?

*Why do some people become strong, steady customers?

*How do you turn an angry or complaining customer into a happy and satisfied one?

*What are the five best ways to keep customers coming back?

*How do I create a winning sales team?

If you have pondered on any of the above, then this is your potent resource for time-tested solutions.

Asides been hailed as one of the most important business and management books of the last decade, How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life teaches ten (10) problem sales situations and suggests how best to handle each.

My Recommendation: Five Stars *****

This book is a must-read for network marketing professionals, UGreat members, entrepreneurs and students of management primarily because it demystifies the subject of customer retention. Go get this book (available in hard, soft or audio copies), immerse yourself in it from start to finish and let’s know your thoughts.                                                     

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