Leadership 101

According to John Maxwell, ‘’everything rises and falls on leadership’’. This bestselling author and mentor of mine once said ‘’show me a leader and I’ll predict the outcome of his followers’’.

The importance of authentic and effective leadership in every multi-level marketing (MLM) company, team, organization or sector cannot be overemphasized. The membership structure of UGreat International is primarily composed of leaders and potential leaders who superintend their groups in key areas such as team growth, training, prospecting, dispute resolution and other crucial areas.

Outlined below are core leadership values every leader or potential leader must possess:

1. Respect (self-respect and for others)

2. Treating others with dignity

3. Making a visible difference

4. Integrity

5. Authenticity

6. Courage

7. Service

8. Humility

9. Wisdom

10. Accessibility/Availability

11. Creative/ Innovative

12. Selflessness

13. Maturity

Furthermore, as a leader you must:

1. Know yourself and constantly seek self-improvement.

2. Possess technical and tactical proficiency.

3. Develop a sense of responsibility among your team members.

4. Ability to make sound and timely decisions especially at short notice.

5. Critically know your team members and look out for their welfare.

6. Information dissemination is key. Keep your team members informed. Failure to do this, means you’ll always be reacting to issues rather than been abreast of them.

7. Frequently organize seminars/trainings where you teach your team members/prospects core rudiments of UGreat International.

8. Deliver extraordinary service.

9. Carve a niche for yourself…Be different in a unique way.

10. Look beyond recruiting downlines. Be a person of value and see your team members as success partners. Attend to their challenges, encourage and celebrate them often.

Like I often say, nobody’s born a leader. To be a successful leader, you must be intentional and must be a person of impact. Leadership skills can be learned and imbibed overtime.

If I have excelled in leadership, you too can do better! I would love to hear from you. Kindly drop messages in the comment box.

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