My Team Building Secrets

For several years, I have sadly noticed a worrisome trend in network marketing (most especially among network marketing professionals) which is the inability to build effective and productive teams with sustainable power. Failure to build capacity in this regard is the sole reason why many teams begin quite well from the onset then suddenly start to wobble and fumble before falling like a pack of badly arranged cards.

If as a leader you’re truly desirous of building and leading an effective and productive team, critically understudy and adhere to these 5 rules.

1. Begin by establishing leadership. Members of your team must know the leader, that is; the person who they report to and under whose authority they stand.

2. Establish relationship with each of your team members. If you can, get to know each one of them. This fosters trust and heightens their belief that you are concerned about their individual progress.

3. Build relationships between your team leaders. Help each one to know the next one and share/interact with each other as frequently as possible. This aids bonding and is also crucial because success in MLM only comes when there is unity of purpose.

4. Foster teamwork: This can be quite dicey, that is some might resist this, because they are used to working alone. While that might not be a problem, teach them that you achieve more and even go farther when you work as a team. Let them know that teamwork is cardinal for responsibility and leadership. Finally remind them that teamwork builds a ‘’buy-in ‘’ or ownership mentality.

5. Set ground rules for the team: True success is never grown on the fields of strife, quarrels and bickering. True success is intentional and requires radical ratios of discipline. Here, the need for ground rules is vital because a ship solely on auto cruise might just hit an iceberg sooner or later. Ground rules in any MLM team does not make you a dictator rather it helps to ensure discipline, responsibility and accountability. Each team member will invariably become aware of set boundaries he/she is expected to maintain and this is primarily for the overall growth and success of the team.

6. Periodically review your team’s output and how each person is faring and contributing to the overall growth of the team. Identify those who are lagging behind, rub minds with them concerning their challenges and proffer timely solutions. Such periodic reviews are necessary because it highlights visible challenges and areas to be improved upon. Consequently, as a leader, always remember that ‘’what gets measured, gets done.’’

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