9 Growth Strategies For Your MLM Team

Are you a team lead who is constantly struggling on how to build your MLM team? Have you applied several strategies without luck? Then it’s time to apply these time-tested techniques which overtime has worked for me.


Your main job as a team lead or upline is to motivate and train your team. Think of yourself as their coach or captain and not their boss. Daily inspire them to take action, to roll up their sleeves and work; to believe in themselves and most of all, to start building their business. With time, self-motivation on their part will take over.


Set the pace for your team by showing them the ideal and right thing to do especially via your personal example. Inspire them by your actions. I have discovered that leading by example motivates your team and grows their belief that success is a normal result from massive action-taking.


This is a great and cost –effective way to communicate and motivate your team. Allow people ask questions and provide the help they need. Create a sense of community and knowledge base via your calls, messages and social media posts.


The biggest growth in your MLM business happens right after events. Events such as home parties, conventions, seminars and trainings usually bring people together and the enthusiasm that follows is positively contagious. Events foster team culture and inspires your team.


Get your team to read and listen to tapes and CD’s on multi-level marketing. This is a self-motivation booster. Whenever you help people grow, you also grow.


This enables you to know them better and connect in more ways than you could ever imagine. Find out their goals, aspirations and dreams. Discover what makes them tick. Once they know you care, they will readily reciprocate by putting their best foot forward.


Always remind your team members of WHY they joined network marketing in the first place. Share their WHY with them and talk to them about it especially when they are down and negative about the business. Remind them WHY they got started in the first instance and what they are aiming to accomplish.


These are brief motivational talks that trigger a call to action. As humans, we  need pep talks once in a while especially at our lowest ebb. We do have seemingly bad days and get discouraged from time to time. For example, placing a minute call to members of your team once a week to wish them good luck and remind them that you believe in their capabilities to excel might just be all they require.


Create a unified leadership team that supports one another. MLM is not a competition, it is a value-driven business that grows via team work and leveraging. It is important that team leaders are united because if they truly are, same strands of unity will trickle down to other members (downlines) and only then can success be achieved.

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