Drop This Habit Before Stepping Into 2021

Self-development is one unending staircase laden with a cocktail of twists and turns. Whether you are business or career inclined, constant self-development is one continuous phase you must decisively plunge into. Most times, people make the uncanny assumption of thinking self-development is all about simply taking requisite courses to push you to the zenith of […]

The 4 Fastest Growing Industries

Times have indeed changed. Scientific innovations coupled with critical thinking have brought about disruptive change in every facet of our day-to day living and endeavors .Today we’ll be examining the 4 fastest growing industries in the world; their estimated value and why you need to be involved in at least one or all of them. […]

3 Things To Avoid This Christmas

So another Christmas is already by the corner. It’s like the year 2020 was fast forwarded by ‘forces beyond our control’ and such forces include covid-19 and the numerous economic landmines. While I advocate a decent celebration of the yuletide, there are however several pitfalls I usually advise people to avoid during this season. 1. […]

How To Prosper In A Recession

Breaking news…Nigeria has once again gone into another recession, the second in 5 years! While the government might continue to blame the coronavirus pandemic as the major cause, there are several underlying factors that triggered it. However our focus today is not on the cause but on how to survive and prosper in a recession. […]

Acai Berry: The Small but Mighty Fruit

Acai berry is one of the constituents of UGCare.Webmd.com described it as one of the ‘’superfoods’’ with anti-aging and weight loss capabilities. From my research online, I was able to deduce the following facts about this awesome fruit that is included in the formation of UGCare. 1. Acai berry is gotten from the acai palm […]

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