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In brand management, there’s a concept known as brand review. This simply refers to a situation whereby a given company decides to look at how well each of her products has fared. Here, the question usually asked is if the given product has met the goals for which it was created. This process employs the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) technique and enquiries usually bothers round its viability, relevance, economic impact and contribution to the company’s bottom line. Usually, it is at this point that hard decisions are made: either to discontinue the product (i.e. withdraw it from the market) or to totally rebrand or rejig it before its eventual relaunch and rollout into the market. The relaunch is normally characterized by an elaborate event witnessed by select guests, consumers, distributors and members of the press.

Are you aware that this process I just explained can also apply to you and I? The year 2020 is fast coming to an end. It has been one overwhelming year and a mixed bag of sorts. At this point, I highly recommend everyone including network marketers to use this process as a self –appraisal of how well they have fared and to know the right things to be done to make 2021 a fruitful year. Let’s look at some key steps to follow.

1.REVIEW: While many all over the world are lamenting about the immense impact of Covid-19 and the economic challenges, many fail to realize that lots of people made successful in-roads in their various spheres of influence. For example ,Elon Musk; founder of Tesla and Space X, leapfrogged from his previous position in the Forbes Wealthiest list (displacing Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg) to become the world’s second most richest man; second only to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. All this happened in 2020, majorly during the pandemic and it was as a result of the soaring prices of Tesla and Space X shares. You need to critically review the year 2020 and what you did right or wrong. You need to critically look at the man in the mirror and ask really hard questions in order to get fresh perspectives for 2021.The great St Augustine of Hippo, was famously quoted as saying ‘’an unexamined life isn’t worth living’’.

2. RESTRATEGISE/REBRAND: When you’re done reviewing, you ponder on your findings and make plans to restrategise and rebrand. How? By making fresh plans, setting new goals (write them down) and ditch methods that weren’t effective in 2020.Ensure your goals are SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely).Ideas are great, but for it to come to fruition, some work must be done. You must be definite about what you want to achieve in 2021 and set your mind to do it. If you have a winning formula, rejig it for it to attract more wins for you.

While restrategising, you’ll need to rebrand yourself. You can do this by eliminating procrastination, working smarter, reading more, attending conferences, taking more relevant courses, upscaling your network and keeping to time especially business appointments. Make yourself you’re an outstanding brand. A rebranded you is pivotal to your anticipated success in 2021.

3. RELAUNCH: Unlike the mesmerizing product launch we usually witness on television and social media, your relaunch works in a different way. As soon as you step into January 1,2021 ensure that all you have resolved to do in the course of your rebranding sessions must be implemented come what may. You relaunch yourself by letting your family, friends, business partners, colleagues, team members and prospects see the new you. You must endeavor to keep appointments, market your business or service and be a person of value, discipline and integrity. Do this consistently and with time, you’ll see things gradually falling in place. Even when challenges rear its head, be steadfast and hold on tight.


The world will celebrate you in 2021.

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