Marketing Strategies For New MLM Members

As a business development professional, coach and MLM practitioner, it’s my fervent desire to see new entrants and experienced practitioners in the aforementioned fields genuinely succeed. This is the core reason for the creation of this platform-to help people grow by providing bespoke and valuable resources to trigger the much needed growth. Today I’ll be sharing easy and practicable marketing strategies for new entrants into the field of multi-level marketing. Kindly note that I have tested the under listed tips over and over again and it’s always as effective as paracetamol.

1. Begin a conversation about your desired MLM Company and its product (e.g UGCare & UGreat) with the closest and most familiar people in your circle. The people I’m referring to here are your family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors’ et al.

2. Go to public places (e.g. parks, fields, malls) and speak/make visual presentations.

Why public spaces? Because this is where you can reach a wide range of people cutting across different demographics and affiliations. Why visual presentations? Because people are more convinced about a thing or concept when they can see the facts and figures in words, numbers and pictures. Like we say in this part of the world, people always want to see what you’re talking about in black and white.

3. Publicize your business via online promotions.

Aggressively employ the usage of social media sponsored posts, blog posts, email marketing, affiliate marketing, bulk SMS marketing, flyers and distribution of your call cards. Endeavor to include your contact and other necessary details they require and they will get back to you when they are convinced or ready.

4. Cold call your prospects.

What this simply means is that you place calls to a select range of random numbers informing them of your product/services. This is an age-old marketing strategy that has worked for decades and is still being used by corporations worldwide.

5. Usage of the elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch is the two (2) minute chance meeting you have to make a brief pitch before a prospective prospect or investor. It is important that you are prepared at all times. To have a successful elevator pitch, ensure you observe the following: offer a firm handshake, maintain good eye contact, exude confidence; your voice pitch must not be too loud or too low and let the investor or prospect know what he or she stands to gain by signing up with your company or product.

6. Finally, people are motivated by the success of others. People will be moved to join you when they see clear achievable results and the evidence of the fruits of your business. So always put your best foot forward and give it your best shot.

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