3 Things To Avoid This Christmas

So another Christmas is already by the corner. It’s like the year 2020 was fast forwarded by ‘forces beyond our control’ and such forces include covid-19 and the numerous economic landmines.

While I advocate a decent celebration of the yuletide, there are however several pitfalls I usually advise people to avoid during this season.

1. Borrowing to spend

This is a no-no for me and it should be for you. Borrowing to spend during the Christmas holidays is not an investment rather it is a liability which can of course be weighty. You need not borrow for any reason to celebrate Christmas. It’s best and more advisable to make do with the little you have rather than resorting to borrowing to celebrate an event that will last for only a few hours and after that reality of paying the lender creepily sinks in. Please to avoid stories that touch, shelve the idea of borrowing to celebrate this yuletide.

2. Cut down on your expenses

Yes… there will always be expenses to incur; but it’s wiser to ensure that your expenses are minimal and meaningful. If you cannot afford to travel home for the Christmas, its best you stay where you are and make the best of it. If you’re unable to purchase the usual’s for your family and friends, its best you celebrate with what you can afford after all everyone is aware of the times we’re in. We are in tough times so it’s important we tighten our belts and brace up real good. Keep in mind that January 2021 is by the corner and it’s a month that is usually slow and laden with so many bills such as rent renewals, payment of school fees amongst others.

3. Trying to keep up with the Jonesses

This is figurative to mean an attempt to show that one is as good as other people by getting what they have and doing what they do. In summary it’s all about been in competition with your peers, neighbors, colleagues etc. For example, embarking on an expensive trip abroad or buying an expensive new automobile all because your peers are doing same. The underlying catch here is that people who do these things most times are unable to afford it thereby unnecessarily stretching themselves and their finances all in a bid to measure up to societal standards. Please you don’t need to be involved in such. Get clear on you own values and only do things that make you genuinely happy. True happiness comes from within and not from people or friends. So you don’t need to keep up with the Jonesses or Suleimans this Christmas or at any other point in time.

Merry Christmas in advance!

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