Drop This Habit Before Stepping Into 2021

Self-development is one unending staircase laden with a cocktail of twists and turns. Whether you are business or career inclined, constant self-development is one continuous phase you must decisively plunge into. Most times, people make the uncanny assumption of thinking self-development is all about simply taking requisite courses to push you to the zenith of the career ladder or the ability to reinvent your business for maximum productivity. What many fail to realize is that for self-development to be worth its salt, there is need to permanently bury one ‘silly flaw’ especially as we inch closer to year 2021.

This ‘silly flaw’ not only robs you of the present, it also robs you of the future. This ‘silly flaw’ can be avoided only if you are clear about your values and practice self-discipline. The ‘silly flaw’ is called PROCASTINATION and it is the habit you need to drop like a hot pot of jollof before stepping into 2021.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks for a later date rather than doing it immediately. Most times, procrastination isn’t all about laziness, it is an indescribable force that prevents you from following through on what you set out to do. Procrastination has never and will never help anyone under the sun. I remember having a mild case of procrastination so many years ago until I read EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy. That book was a watershed in my life!

I’ve discovered that people procrastinate not because they are lazy or lack clarity regarding the task at hand; they procrastinate because most times, they are afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete. Secondly, people procrastinate when they feel largely incapable of dealing with a task or are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. Thirdly, people procrastinate because they fail to exercise an optimal level of self-discipline which is a key ingredient for success in every facet of life. Another reason people procrastinate is because they believe there is still ample time to do that task they are shelving for a later date.

Whatever reason or excuse people give for this innate human weakness, the truth is that there is no plausible reason or pretext that can justify procrastination. Are you aware that even countries procrastinate? One vivid example is Nigeria which recently witnessed a steep drop in its oil earnings. This drop not only exposed the soft underbelly of the economy which went into a tailspin, it has made the hitherto ‘giant of Africa’ go cap in hand borrowing from nations and shylock Bretton wood institutions. As it is, Nigeria‘s external foreign debt has reached a alarming threshold. This scenario wouldn’t be presently playing out if successive governments which kept on promising to diversify the economy from dependence on crude oil to sectors such as agriculture and mineral resources had followed through on what they initially promised to do.

Procrastination is not just the thief of time, it steals your peace and several opportunities that would have emerged only if you had followed through on that task you delayed in carrying out. In the field of multi-level marketing, procrastination will be your greatest undoing if you give it an inch. MLM is all about taking quick decisive steps, so if you’re a chronic procrastinator, you will get stuck and will be unsuccessful in this awesome field.

As 2020 trudges to an end, my candid advice is to do away with the ‘procrastination robe’ especially if you’re truly desirous of succeeding in 2021.Be clear, resolute and disciplined in all you do and procrastination wouldn’t rear its ugly head. Begin by making up your mind to do all you need to do NOW, not later or tomorrow but NOW! Repeat this cycle a couple of times and you’ll discover that you have succeeded in creating a healthy habit and you’ll be better off for it.

Here’s wishing you a ‘procrastination-free’ happy new year 2021 in advance.

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