Is LinkedIn Advertising Good For My UGreat Business?

I’m quite sure you’ll be shocked to learn that LinkedIn is more than just a CV and job search site. The same LinkedIn you previously knew as a job search site has presently evolved into a full- fledged professional social media site where professionals and businesses not only network with one another, but can equally […]

How Telegram Marketing Can Boost Your Ugreat Business

Telegram has become one of the fastest growing messenger platforms in the past few years with some unique features like channels, groups, free stickers, cloud storage, secret chats, self-destructive messages and privacy. Telegram has over 400m monthly active users. Statistics: *Aims to get 1bn users by 2022. *1.5m users join Telegram every day. *70bn messages […]

Covid-19 Is Far From Over…Please Protect Yourself

The above infographic from the World Health Organization says it all. Covid -19 is far from over and its rampaging effects is clear and still present with us especially as new strains have emerged. So as you carry out your MLM business by interacting with colleagues and prospects, please for your safety and that of […]

The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 5)

According to the 2019 Global State of Digital, WhatsApp is the most used social media platform in Nigeria. It is estimated that at least 85%  of Nigeria’s 24m active social media are on WhatsApp. Many small business owners say they sell more on WhatsApp and experience more trust from people on the platform compared to […]

The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 4)

YouTube is a video sharing network with 2bn monthly active users. Most businesses the world over use it to market their products and services. YouTube Pros *An effective video marketing platform. *Can be accessed on tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. *Billions of people can be reached via this medium. *You can monetize your videos by […]

The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 3)

Twitter is another social media network with nearly 400m users worldwide. It runs a short message update format which are called ‘tweets’. Using Twitter, you can mass market a product  or use smart demographics to reach segmented customers with ease. Twitter Pros *You know your followers will definitely see your tweets. *You can use viable […]

The Best Social Network For My Ugreat Business (Pt 2)

Instagram has 1.4bn active monthly users. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is the second most used social media app on the planet. Instagram Pros: *It is a visual platform since it’s all about sharing photos and videos. *Effective for promotion of goods and services by companies and individuals. *Appealing interface that is neat and […]

The Best Social Network For My Ugreat Business Pt 1

For a long time now, I’ve received lots of inquests from UGreat  and MLM members concerning  the best social media platform to market their UGREAT business. While some believe that Facebook is the best others are of the opinion that Instagram and Twitter deliver better results and reach. While this is not a war of […]

Ugreat Nigeria To Unveil New Corporate Office Soon

Nigeria’s number one multi-level marketing company of choice, UGREAT INTERNATIONAL will in a number of days officially unveil its new corporate office located at the central business district (CBD) of Ikeja, Lagos to the general public. From available feelers, the event promises to be all shades of exciting and will be beamed live on our […]

Covid-19: Boost Your Immunity With UGCare

Covid-19 figures has continued to gallop since its discovery in 2019 in Wuhan, China. The record number of infections, deaths and even recoveries tend to change by the minute. According to Johns Hopkins University, USA there are 95,488,091 coronavirus cases; 2,039,706 coronavirus deaths and 68,196,088 recoveries. The virus is presently in 219 countries with USA, […]

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