Are New Year Resolutions Achievable?

‘’This is my year of keeping fit and eating healthy. This year I will no longer procrastinate about my wellness goals. This time around I must come through.’’ These were the affirmative words of Bimpe an IT professional as the world stepped into 2021 on the 1st of January. Keenly observe her statement and you’ll notice  that she’s been trying over the years to achieve her wellness goals but it never seem to work. Bimpe is not alone…millions of people the world over are enmeshed in this dilemma.

Truth be told, new year resolutions are easier said than done. Making resolutions at the beginning of each year is a great act of self-improvement, but the usual challenge too many people battle with is the innate ability to see it through. For several years as a high school student right to my first few years at university, I always made new year resolutions but never saw most of those resolutions through. I simply got fed up and resorted to the old ways of doing things. If this is you, cheer up because there is light at the end of the tunnel. There’s indeed a way out and this I discovered shortly before leaving ‘uni’.

Why do we make new year resolutions and how do we keep them?

I believe new year resolutions are made because we desire to be better and more productive in the year under review by dropping certain traits and habits we feel haven’t done us the much desired good we had earlier anticipated. For example, peoples’ new year resolutions usually hover around making more money in the new year, eating and living healthy, doing away with vice/debilitating habits, going back to school for an added degree or diploma and a host of others. These enumerated resolutions underline the fact that as humans we desire to be better both as individuals and in our endeavors. But the question is how do we succeed in our new year resolutions so  we don’t begin what we are unable to finish? Here’s how.

Rather than dishing out several resolutions which you know you might be unable to keep past the first few weeks of January, the best way is to simply resolve to be a better and much improved version of yourself be it financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Each day you wake up, before stepping out; make a firm resolve to put in your ultimate best in all you have planned for that given day. Every day wake up with the determination to be a person of quality and immense value.

Habits (both good and bad) can be easily formed in a day. All you need is to start and pronto…it becomes a habit. Excellence and diligence can also be a habit for you in 2021.Like I earlier said in one of my posts in December 2020, avoid procrastination like a plague in 2021.Procrastination is the subtle yet swift killer of new year resolutions. Rather than overwhelming yourself with a deluge of new year resolutions, simply look at the man/woman you see in the mirror and promise him/her that come what may, you’ll daily improve in your character & endeavors.

Having discovered this key secret few decades ago,I have thrived effortlessly in areas I ordinarily ought to have struggled. I no longer clutch on straws, I’m now on solid ground thanks to this formula. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means trying to downplay the importance of new year resolutions. Millions make new year resolutions and are able to pull through successfully. This article is primarily for those who are unable to find their feet using the ‘new year resolution’ GPS.

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Here’s wishing you a 2021 filled with tangible proofs and joy!

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