The 2021 Business Development Manager

Most times the mere mention of the designation ‘’business development’’ evokes the image of a marketer in a new generation bank or burgeoning start-up. Business development involves ways, methods and strategies by which existing businesses can be further developed or expanded beyond where it presently is. A practitioner in this field is known as a business development manager.

From the business angle, having learned from what worked and what didn’t in 2020, I strongly believe 2021 is the year for business development managers to find new ways in which businesses can be sustained in a downturn or pandemic. Available research points that only particular sectors were able to withstand the terrifying onslaught of 2020.For example in Nigeria, while most businesses were on lockdown, the transportation sector (road) and essential service sector(pharmaceuticals, food & beverages) were up and running.

Now is the time for business development practitioners to put on their thinking caps to proffer ideas on how best to survive an unfriendly business terrain. One distinct feature of the 2020 lockdown is the need for daily income, a timely succor which an MLM company like UGreat offers. While salary earners were made to either opt for half salaries or no salaries at all, UGreat was daily paying its members who were actively involved in the business. So when a whole lot of people were lamenting about the precarious nature of their finances, others (e.g. Ugreat Members) were receiving bonus alerts on their mobile phones for referring and recruiting new members into the business.

Now is the time to think not just outside the box like we usually say in this part of the world, but it is the time to think like there is no box. Going forward, every business manager worth his/her salt, should be able to boldly anticipate challenges and match such with bespoke solutions.

Remember…the world will pay you for the solutions you are able to proffer to existing challenges.

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