The 2021 Entrepreneur: Elon Musk

It’s confirmed and official! Tesla & Space X Founder/CEO, Elon Musk is presently the world’s richest man with a net worth of $185b.With his present position he has pushed erstwhile world’s richest man, Jeff  Bezos (Amazon Founder/CEO) to second place. One striking thing about Elon Musk is that he started 2020 with a net worth of about $20m and was barely in the top 50 richest people list. Within the twinkle of an eye, Elon Musk made it to the 4th position in the top 10 richest list in 2020 and went further to end 2020 as the second richest man on earth. Today he’s the planet’s wealthiest. So what’s the catch?

One striking thing is that billions of dollars was made during the pandemic/lockdown in 2020.In 2020, Amazon’s profit surged overwhelmingly and positioned the e-commerce giant as one of the most capitalized companies on the planet. Opportunities abound most especially in trying times. For example, shares of Tesla, a company owned by Musk surged 100% in 2020 and this was during the lockdown! More so, his successful launch of Space X (another company of his) in the last quarter of 2020 jolted his company’s shares (now worth $42bn) to the bewilderment of NASDAQ, Dow Jones, LSE and the Nikkei. His company shares are presently the most capitalized and most highly traded stocks in the world. It simply means that while many were weeping and seeking food stamps in 2020, guys like Elon Musk and his co-travelers were cashing out big time!

Dear entrepreneur, 2021 is your year of discovering and launching novel innovations that will put you on the world map. As it is, Mr Musk is one of the most admired persons on the face of the earth because he dared to dream, dared to believe and most of all, dared to take novel risks. His entrepreneurial capabilities is legendary and should be a study model for business and management schools world over.

Tesla which began like the ranting of an ant, has emerged as the flagship of the electric automobile sector and has so revolutionized that sector placing it neck and shoulders above more established brands like Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, Toyota et al. For those unaware, the west is counting down to the elimination of fuel powered cars which is largely expected to be in the next decade. Lest I forget, Tesla presently has a market value of more than $760bn.

Elon Musk and Taufik Shamsudeen (UGreat Founder/CEO) are few of the thousands of notable entrepreneurs (sung and unsung) who have taught us that we should never permit the profligacies of a downturn to affect the possibilities of our dreams.

In 2021, accelerate your creative juices and aim for the peak. Do not be afraid to fail or fall. Keep pushing the limits and boundaries till it loses elasticity and caves in. Keep holding on and keeping on. Make 2021 your year of implementing every workable strategy as seen in the biographies and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs. Remember, it’s not how far, it’s how well and 2021 provides the confirmed pathway to mind-boggling innovations that the world will definitely celebrate.

See you at the top of the world’s wealthiest list!

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