The 2021 Network Marketer

2021 like every other year is presenting  a blank cheque of 365 opportunities.2021 is offering 365 ways of becoming excellent individuals and 365 ways of being the best in our fields of endeavor. This week I will be running a series titled ‘’The 2021 Entrepreneur, 2021 Digital Marketer, 2021 Business Developer and 2021 Coach. This series aims at x-raying the underlying opportunities 2021 presents to these professions and how practitioners can benefit immensely.

Today we’ll begin with network marketing, a field so dear to my heart because it’s one untapped goldmine many are yet to fully understand and venture into.

Unfortunately, we’re still in the covid-19 era with new reports of new covid-19 strains, waves and spikes across several countries and continents globally. From every indication, despite the launch of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, covid-19 still remains an unwelcome guest and will be so for a while. So what has this got to do with the network marketer you might ask? Plenty indeed.

Sources of income for millions of people the world over have been severely seared by covid-19.This is where the windows of opportunity widens. Millions of people in 2021 will be looking out for passive sources of income to complement their salaries and related revenue. More so at the beginning of the year, there are fixed bills such as school fees and rent renewals which must be attended to without delay.

For every discerning network marketer, these are ample opportunities to reach out to more prospects and sensitize them about the immense benefit an MLM like Ugreat International has to offer. Having seen the topsy-turvy streak of how Covid-19 bamboozled businesses and jobs in 2020, many people presently know that depending on one source of income is akin to financial suicide.

So this is a clarion call to network marketers on this platform to restrategise and launch into the MLM deep. Like the biblical phrase which says ‘’ the harvest is rich but the laborers are few ‘’same applies to MLM. In network marketing, there’s more than enough to go around, but too few partakers. In 2021, network marketers need to tighten their belts and become more creative in marketing their MLM e.g. UGreat to prospects and the general public. Network marketing is the only business that guarantees you income as you leverage on the efforts of others i.e. your team members or downlines. Network marketing is the only business that ensures that you are handsomely rewarded as each of your downlines sign up new recruits and it’s among the few business that rewards you even while asleep.

So make up your mind to be intentional with your MLM business this year.

UGreat International is still a viable MLM business with immense opportunities. Do well to pass the message and begin to enjoy the rewards.

Here’s wishing you a great and ambitious network marketing year ahead.

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