Covid-19: Boost Your Immunity With UGCare

Covid-19 figures has continued to gallop since its discovery in 2019 in Wuhan, China. The record number of infections, deaths and even recoveries tend to change by the minute. According to Johns Hopkins University, USA there are 95,488,091 coronavirus cases; 2,039,706 coronavirus deaths and 68,196,088 recoveries. The virus is presently in 219 countries with USA, UK, Brazil ,South Africa and parts of the EU recording more cases on a daily basis.

In Nigeria, so far 110,000 cases have been reported; 89,317 recoveries and 1,435 deaths from the virus with Lagos state and FCT having the highest figures.

Scientists recently discovered that due to its innate ability to mutate at will, the virus has a newer strain which is resistant to treatment and is on the rise in the UK and parts of Europe. I have understudied quite a number of reports of those who were said to recover from the virus especially in Nigeria. Three things are noteworthy:1.You stand a better chance to defeat this virus if you have a healthy immune system 2.You are inherently at risk if you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions like cancer, chronic kidney disease, coronary heart disease and a host of other ailments. 3. After contracting covid-19,people with low immunity resorted to a cocktail of drugs (especially vitamin C),supplements and foods to boost their immunity against the rampaging virus.

You’ll recall that during the peak of infections in 2020,vitamin C became scare in pharmacies and health centers nationwide with the prices skyrocketing above average. What many fail to realize is that there is a supplement which greatly boosts your immune system and that supplement is none other than UGCARE, a flagship product of UGREAT INTERNATIONAL.

UGCare contains over 12 wholly natural ingredients such as the rare yet potent Artichoke and Dokudami leaves, pomegranates, acai berry, green apples, rice ceramide, aloe vera and numerous others. UGCare is tested and trusted and continues to garner testimonies globally thanks to its efficiency in treating and managing over 40 different health conditions.

UGCare is safe and certified by various world-class bodies. Daily consume UGCare to boost your body’s immunity and keep you safe from diseases of all kinds. For more information, visit and  

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