The Best Social Network For My Ugreat Business Pt 1

For a long time now, I’ve received lots of inquests from UGreat  and MLM members concerning  the best social media platform to market their UGREAT business. While some believe that Facebook is the best others are of the opinion that Instagram and Twitter deliver better results and reach. While this is not a war of attrition among the social media platforms, I’ll in the coming days take out time to include a run-down of the pros and cons of each of these social media platforms and how you can distinctively use each one to market your UGREAT business.

Truth be told, each of these platforms (Facebook, Instagram ,YouTube & Twitter)can give your UGREAT  business 100% success rate if you follow the nitty-gritty of each of these platforms. Today I’ll begin with Facebook which is the most popular and largest social network in Nigeria and the world.


*Has 2.7bn monthly active users and is the most popular network globally. This is a major platform to market your UGREAT business due to the huge active users.

*Facebook for business: Helps to boost and increase your brand value and social media presence. This FacebooK Fan Page will enable you find new leads and clients for your business.

*Facebook Sponsored Ads: You can also place business adverts on Facebook. These ads are affordable, measurable, target based and have extensive reach.

*Facebook Video chatting: This feature enables you make video calls to your friends, customer and associates using Facebook’s inbuilt video chat service.

*Facebook for news and information: Due to the massive number of active users, it’s the right platform to gain relevant information and content that you might need for your personal and business needs.


*Facebook Privacy: Has a poor privacy policy which has come under severe public scrutiny for some time now. Never give too much personal information online.

*Facebook is full of numerous fake profiles.

*Facebook is addictive and time consuming due to the many entertainment applications which engages users to a great extent.

*Facebook ads no longer have extensive reach due to frequently changing algorithms. Therefore if you want  your advert to reach more people, you have to spend more.

*MY VERDICT: A great place to market your Ugreat business because it has the population, reach and tools. All you need are clear attractive images and catchy brief content to push your messages.

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