The Best Social Network For My Ugreat Business (Pt 2)

Instagram has 1.4bn active monthly users. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is the second most used social media app on the planet.

Instagram Pros:

*It is a visual platform since it’s all about sharing photos and videos.

*Effective for promotion of goods and services by companies and individuals.

*Appealing interface that is neat and arranged. The visual content is appealing to the eyes.

*Strict privacy policy unlike Facebook. There is no means to bypass privacy settings.

*Has effective features such as photo-sharing apps, filters, video sharing and live streams. Also while posting to Instagram, you can seamlessly share your photos to Facebook.

*Instagram business profile is good for business promotion and enables people to contact you easily.

Instagram Cons:

*Too many adverts or sponsored posts.

*Creates the need for a fake lifestyle and creates need for validation and obsession for fame.

*It has few features on its web version and works better on mobile app. Its web version is not too appealing.

*Highly addictive app. Caution must be exercised when using it.

MY VERDICT: A great place to market Ugreat and UGCare because it’s visual friendly and has the target population.

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