The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 3)

Twitter is another social media network with nearly 400m users worldwide. It runs a short message update format which are called ‘tweets’. Using Twitter, you can mass market a product  or use smart demographics to reach segmented customers with ease.

Twitter Pros

*You know your followers will definitely see your tweets.

*You can use viable and popular hastags (#) to promote your business or service.

*With Twitter you can reach out to almost any corner of the earth.

*It doesn’t take much effort to create a good tweet.

*There are multiple ways to track the data which gets collected from a tweet you sent out. The data can be in the form of number of retweets, comments and likes.

*With TweetUp you don’t have to stay online to reach people.

*You don’t have to use link shortening tools for your links. Twitter automatically shortens the link for you.

*You can automate Twitter for business.

*If you send out a tweet which one of your followers really fancies, there’s a high probability they will retweet it. Once they do, your account will reach all their followers and you can gain new followers in the process.

*Twitter for business enables you to reach the younger generation who are the major users of Twitter.

Twitter Cons

*It is easy to become distracted on Twitter.

*It takes time to engage with the community you develop.

*The tweets constantly coming into your account can be overwhelming to read.

*More exposure for your brand can translate to more negative interactions.

*Building a community of followers takes time and skill.

*Twitter users are generally regarded as  intelligent people so expect different shades of reactions to the content you put out.

*If your account looks fake or your content seems insincere or plagiarized, it will negatively affect your brand.

MY VERDICT: Due to its high rate of engagement, Twitter for business is a wonderful place to market or showcase your Ugreat business.

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