The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 4)

YouTube is a video sharing network with 2bn monthly active users. Most businesses the world over use it to market their products and services.

YouTube Pros

*An effective video marketing platform.

*Can be accessed on tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles.

*Billions of people can be reached via this medium.

*You can monetize your videos by placing ads on it.

*You mustn’t be a professional to make a video for uploading on YouTube.

*Sharing YouTube videos is simple and YouTube is widely accepted globally.

*The length or size of your video is unlimited.

*You can create your own channel to promote your business.

*It is one of the most popular search engines.

*Use proper tags for your videos and customers will find you through organic searches.

*You can place links on your YouTube videos that will lead people to your website or other platforms where they can get more info about you.

*Your videos can be downloaded and watched offline.

YouTube Cons

*It takes time and effort before you begin to earn from it.

*Creating quality videos take time and effort.

*Standing out on YouTube takes significant time and effort.

*That your video has huge entertainment value doesn’t mean it will create the desired sale.

*Negative reviews can damage a business reputation.

*You need to market your videos yourself in order for them to be seen. YouTube won’t do it for you.

MY VERDICT: The perfect place to create awareness for your UGreat business.

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