The Best Social Network For My UGreat Business (Pt 5)

According to the 2019 Global State of Digital, WhatsApp is the most used social media platform in Nigeria. It is estimated that at least 85%  of Nigeria’s 24m active social media are on WhatsApp. Many small business owners say they sell more on WhatsApp and experience more trust from people on the platform compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

WhatsApp which has 2bn users around the globe has made direct selling and advertising of goods and services so easy for businesses no matter how big or small. All you need  to connect to WhatsApp is a phone, data and contact list and from there, you can create or join groups and send images,videos and documents seamlessly.

WhatsApp Pros

*Simple, easy to use layout.

*Great for interpersonal and business communication.

*Has great marketing tools for your business/services.

*Has worldwide acceptance and gives you instant responses from users.

*You can send photos, videos and documents instantly.

*It’s free to use and easy to set up.

*Your messages are protected by end to end encryption.

*You can make voice and video calls.

*Can connect your phone to a laptop computer and view/respond to your messages from there.

WhatsApp Cons

*You cannot send more than a particular number of images at a time.

*Restricts the size of videos that can be uploaded.

*Retrieving messages in a chat can be a huge burden.

*Can be distracting with the information overload.

*You cannot customize it to suit your need.

*As a business owner, you need a tool beyond just chat.

*Most times the voice and video calls tend to buffer unnecessarily thereby affecting your communication and thought process.

*The platform where unverified news and conspiracy theories are easily circulated thereby causing untold damages to brands and individuals alike.

MY VERDICT: A great communication app, but requires more structure and segmenting in the long run.

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