How Telegram Marketing Can Boost Your Ugreat Business

Telegram has become one of the fastest growing messenger platforms in the past few years with some unique features like channels, groups, free stickers, cloud storage, secret chats, self-destructive messages and privacy. Telegram has over 400m monthly active users.


*Aims to get 1bn users by 2022.

*1.5m users join Telegram every day.

*70bn messages are sent through Telegram daily.

*Telegram occupies 5th place among messengers by the number of active users.

*Telegram marketing has become one of the most prominent tools for mobile and digital marketing.

Telegram Marketing Pros

*Allows heavy files to be shared.

*Fastest growing messenger app.

*Unlimited audience in Telegram channels (unlike WhatsApp which limits number of persons that can join a group).

*Has higher engagement rate. Its average view rate is 20%, while Instagram has 3% and Facebook 4%.

*Has mobile and desktop versions.

*Advertising solutions for business.

*User segmentation. Here you target age, interests and countries while promoting your business on Telegram.

*Telegram allows you to create free brand stickers for your business and sharing them on channels and groups.

*Guaranteed privacy: Neither the government nor big corporations can access your private chats unlike Facebook and Instagram.

*It has channels where a person can connect to information without being in a group chat.

Telegram Marketing Cons

*It has no voice messages.

*You need to open the app to receive messages. This makes light  of the claim that it is an ‘’instant message app’’.

*It has no multiple selections when you want to send more than one file at once.

*Telegram for PC version has no secret chats unlike the mobile app.

*Unlike WhatsApp, you cannot know the status of your contact neither can you easily figure out if the opposite person is offline or online.

*MY VERDICT: Has better and more efficient tools than WhatsApp making it vital for business marketing.

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