Is LinkedIn Advertising Good For My UGreat Business?

I’m quite sure you’ll be shocked to learn that LinkedIn is more than just a CV and job search site. The same LinkedIn you previously knew as a job search site has presently evolved into a full- fledged professional social media site where professionals and businesses not only network with one another, but can equally advertise their goods and services.

So how can LinkedIn boost your UGreat and MLM business?


*With more than 500m users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Among users of LinkedIn are millions of important influencers and key decision makers from different companies,businesses and fields of endeavors.

*Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is a more focused platform with emphasis on professional experience and development, hence people approach it with a business attitude thereby making it a great place for businesses to advertise. More so, LinkedIn is largely immuned from negative posts and vitriolic users often called ‘trolls’.

*With LinkedIn advertising, you have the option of simply targeting the exact audience you want to reach or connect with. This is where LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail comes in. It is a great tool to send personalized, custom messages including a call-to –action button through its messenger service. Truth be told, this is an effective way to promote your business/company content, product and services. These messages can be displayed on any platform including mobile devices.


*LinkedIn is far behind when it comes to video advertising.

*Certain types of business ads are better placed on other social networks other than LinkedIn.

*LinkedIn focus is primarily on business and employment, thereby excluding other sectors.

*Not everyone you target on LinkedIn might be interested in the business or service that you advertised. Many are simply just using the site to find employment opportunities.

*Advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive than other social networks.

MY VERDICT: Considering its build-up and overall outlook, it is a great platform to advertise only certain types of businesses and services.

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