UGreat Nigeria Featured On Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Ugreat Nigeria’s article was recently featured on Linda Ikeji’s blog and it is presently generating lots of positive comments from UGreat members and users of UGCare who are active on the popular blog. Here’s the link to the article: Do well to read,comment and share with others. I’m pretty sure the next platforms UGreat […]

UGreat’s Leadership Rewards In Figures

When it comes to rewarding hard work in multi-level marketing, I make bold to say that no network marketing company in Nigeria pays more than UGreat International. For all doubting Thomases who still think otherwise, here’s the breakdown of rewards that each UGreat leader receives in every step of the leadership staircase. 1.GOLD EXECUTIVE (Accumulate […]

Breaking News: Win A Free Ticket To Dubai…

Dubai is one luxurious and beautiful city millions of people dream of visiting someday in their lifetime. Dubai is alluring as well as enchanting. A single visit to this ‘jewel in the desert’ will leave you longing for a return visit. UGreat International recently announced its #Dubai Trip Challenge which has since gone viral. Loads […]

New Price Regime For UGreat Packages

Effective from 1st February 2021,Ugreat International commenced a new price regime for all its existing packages ranging from basic to titanium. This recent price review is hinged on present prevailing realities and it cuts across our operations across the globe. The new prices of each package are enumerated below: *BASIC: N23,850 (39.5 PV) I Product […]

Meet UGreat’s Gold Executives In Nigeria

These gentlemen and ladies are the forerunners of UGreat International in Nigeria. They are presently the gold executives of UGreat in Nigeria. They are go-getters who believe that hardwork, diligence and perseverance are determinants of success. They are network marketers with class, panache and distinction. They have sown the UGreat seed far and wide and […]

Gold Executives Storm The Unveiling Of UGreat Nigeria Office

According to the renowned leadership coach and author, John Maxwell ”everything rises and falls on leadership”. This quote of Mr Maxwell is 100% true! In multi level marketing (MLM),leadership is key and cannot be overemphasized. For every network marketing team to work and deliver set goals and results, there must be capable and visionary leaders […]

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