Gold Executives Storm The Unveiling Of UGreat Nigeria Office

According to the renowned leadership coach and author, John Maxwell ”everything rises and falls on leadership”. This quote of Mr Maxwell is 100% true! In multi level marketing (MLM),leadership is key and cannot be overemphasized. For every network marketing team to work and deliver set goals and results, there must be capable and visionary leaders to galvanize their members into action. Without leaders in MLM, it will be akin to a rudderless ship without a captain and a compass.

UGreat International membership structure is made up of various categories of leaders. In Nigeria, the Gold Executives are the highest category at the moment. These distinguished personalities have grown through the ranks by dint of hardwork and perseverance. Little wonder they presently reap in leaps and bounds!!

We caught up with some of them who attended the recent unveiling of UGreat Nigeria office.From left to right is: Bonnet Akau, Obed Obinwa, Apata Oluranti and Olatunde Fagboye.

You’ll agree with me that these gentlemen are cheerful, humble, hardworking, wealthy and greatly epitomize the ideals of UGreat .The good news is that you too can be like them or even surpass their UGreat achievements by daily committing to excellence and hardwork.

Kudos to these outstanding gentlemen and more grease to their elbows!!!

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