Meet UGreat’s Gold Executives In Nigeria

These gentlemen and ladies are the forerunners of UGreat International in Nigeria. They are presently the gold executives of UGreat in Nigeria. They are go-getters who believe that hardwork, diligence and perseverance are determinants of success. They are network marketers with class, panache and distinction. They have sown the UGreat seed far and wide and […]

Gold Executives Storm The Unveiling Of UGreat Nigeria Office

According to the renowned leadership coach and author, John Maxwell ”everything rises and falls on leadership”. This quote of Mr Maxwell is 100% true! In multi level marketing (MLM),leadership is key and cannot be overemphasized. For every network marketing team to work and deliver set goals and results, there must be capable and visionary leaders […]

US Food & Drug Administration Grants Approval To UGCare

For those familiar with the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA),one thing you’ll readily admit is that gaining approval from the US FDA is like the biblical camel passing through the eye of the needle. The US FDA is a thorough-bred organization manned by competent and patriotic professionals who regulate and supervise the production […]

UGreat Nigeria Unveils New Office

Saturday the 30th of January 2021,will forever remain indelible in the hearts and minds of members of UGreat International in Nigeria. That sunny day was the official opening of UGreat Nigeria office for business and correspondence. The event which witnessed a massive turnout of distinguished guests and members was truly a sight to behold. The […]

Is LinkedIn Advertising Good For My UGreat Business?

I’m quite sure you’ll be shocked to learn that LinkedIn is more than just a CV and job search site. The same LinkedIn you previously knew as a job search site has presently evolved into a full- fledged professional social media site where professionals and businesses not only network with one another, but can equally […]

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