Better Entrepreneur Series 1 Book Review: How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life (By Michael LeBeouf PhD)

The average entrepreneur’s journey is often laced with trepidation, uncertainties, mixed fortunes and loads of lessons. You’ll agree with me that a day in the life of an entrepreneur especially in a developing country like Nigeria is no mean feat. It is thus imperative that for every budding entrepreneur or network marketer to thrive in […]

Revealed: How To Grow Your MLM Business & Recruitment Efforts

Having spent more than a decade and half in multi-level marketing (MLM), one major challenge I have easily noticed with new entrants into the field is how to grow their MLM business and recruitment efforts. Quite a number of new entrants have often towed the path of least resistance by walking away from their MLM […]

UGCare Cures,Treats & Prevents These 51 Ailments

This isn’t an empty unsubstantiated boast, neither is it a case of making a mountain out of a molehill. This post is a statement of fact aimed at revealing the over fifty-one (51) ailments UGCare can treat, cure and prevent. You’ll recall that we earlier told you that as humans due to several factors, our […]

Eleven (11) Things I Love About UGreat

Like you rightly know, I love multi-level marketing to bits. MLM is one profession and subject I’m most passionate about. Asides my rich pedigree in MLM, I can say without a shadow of doubt that my MLM journey has been most exhilarating yet rewarding. Multi-level marketing or network marketing as it is fondly called, is […]

Welcome To Tunde

Hello friends.Its with utmost pleasure that I hertily welcome you to This site aims at providing valuable business growth tips and hacks,great insight into digital marketing and business development and not forgetting,life changing opportunities available in the network marketing space and by space,I specifically mean, UGREAT INTERNATIONAL. I’m sure you must have perused some […]


In todays world, we can see the hardships that many people face. One of the issues nowadays is a Global economic crisis. Many are losing jobs,losing their source of income and to cope with the rising cost of living. Hope lies in the dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to […]

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