Digital Marketing : All You Need To Know

Business marketing and promotion of services has evolved and taken a turn for the better especially with the evolution and entrance of digital marketing. Digital marketing in very simplistic terms is the usage of social media, mobile devices, email, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO); internet and other channels to reach targeted consumers. Compared to […]

What Is Multi-Level Marketing All About?

Over the years,I’ve met tons of people that have continually asked this million dollar question.Many are asking because they are privy to the unpalatable experiences their acquaintances,friends,colleagues and family members have encountered as a result of their partaking in one network or the other especially in Nigeria and Africa. Multi-Level Marketing also known as networking […]

Welcome To Tunde

Hello friends.Its with utmost pleasure that I hertily welcome you to This site aims at providing valuable business growth tips and hacks,great insight into digital marketing and business development and not forgetting,life changing opportunities available in the network marketing space and by space,I specifically mean, UGREAT INTERNATIONAL. I’m sure you must have perused some […]

Boost Your Immune System With UG CARE

UG CARE Constitute essential herbs and leafs such as green apple, acai berry, rice ceremide, artichoke leaf, dokudami leaf that boost our immune system against strong viral diseases such as the Covid 19. We will be looking at how the Dokudami leaf helps build our immune system drastically. Dokudami is a perennial herb native to […]

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